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  • Real-Estate Appraisals

  • Business Appraisals

  • Real-Estate Investments Analysis and Advanced Income Appraisal

  • New Project Development Support and Feasibility Studies

  • Economical Market Analysis and Forecasting

  • Litigation Support and Assessment Appeals


    With the dynamics of today’s economy, professional real estate evaluation has become a key element in deriving and understanding the true value of real estate assets. Our leading-edge technology and qualified professionals provide technical and industry expertise and local market knowledge to our clients on time, at a committed price and service level ensuring compliance to all current and future regulatory changes.

    IFRS COMPLIANCE is fast approaching, hire your IFRS specialist today to BE PREPARED FOR TOMORROW.

    Area of Specialty:

  • Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional

  • Special Use (Churches, Senior Housing, Health Care, Billboards, Air/Water Rights, Life Estates)

  • Land

  • Types of reports:

  • Full Narrative Reports

  • Narrative Report

  • Short Narrative

  • Form Report

  • Oral Report

  • Special Use:

  • IFRS Reporting and Audit

  • Advanced Income Appraisal

  • Argus Discounted Cash Flow Analysis

  • Area of Most Common Applications:

  • Mortgage Financing and re-financing

  • IFRS Reporting and Audit (as of 2010)

  • Acquisitions and Dispositions

  • Estate and Matrimonial Settlings

  • Insurance purposes

  • Taxation and Assessment Appeals

  • Expropriation


    Emotion, history and lack of access to relevant information can cause owners to overestimate or underestimate the value of their business. It’s important to get a professional valuation.


    Area of Specialty:
  • Business Valuation of all or a portion of the assets or securities associated with a business enterprise as real estate assets, working capital, contingent liabilities and earnings, trademarks, contracts, professional practice client lists, trained work-force and other tangible or intangible assets.

  • Types of Appraisal:
  • Complete Appraisal and Limited Appraisal

  • Types of Reports:
    Three types of reports could be used with Complete or Limited Appraisal.

  • Self-contained Appraisal Report - Fully describes the subject property, including its history and background, as well as the appraisal methodology.

  • Summary Appraisal Report summarizes the history, background, analysis, methodology, and conclusions of value.

  • Restricted Appraisal Report - Provides an overview of the subject property and methodology. This type of report can only be utilized when the client is familiar with property and doesn’t need details restated in the report.

  • Area of Most Common Applications:
  • Commercial Lending and Securitization of Debt

  • Business Sale or Purchase

  • Income Tax Transactions

  • Ad Valorem Property Taxation

  • Estate Planning Transactions

  • Structuring shareholder agreements/disputes

  • Minority Shareholder Actions

  • Business Reorganizations

  • Dissolution

  • Marital Disputes

  • Employee Share Ownership plans/Stock Options

  • Goodwill Impairment Testing

  • Purchase Price Allocation

  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures

  • Expropriation

  • Litigation Support

  • Going Public/Going Private Transactions


    No matter how much or how little you have to invest, you want your money to help you achieve your goals. It’s simply a matter of knowing what you want and who you are as an investor. Using some simple investment tools and advisory services from certified real-estate investment analysts, we can help you get there faster. WE WILL: identify your goals, find your style, plan for the long-term and meet with you regularly. In order FOR YOU: to be informed and up to date with your investing skills, safely accumulate wealth, minimize risk and maximize your return, optimize your real-estate inventory and to make more of your time and money. Our mission is to select the investments that are right for you, and to OPTIMIZE THE PROFIT while keeping your real-estate investments on-track throughout market fluctuations.

    Area of Specialty:

  • Multi-Family Residential Properties

  • Income Producing Commercial, Industrial, Institutional Properties

  • New Developments

  • The objective is to:

  • Determine if a specific investment opportunity satisfies a given investor’s objectives

  • Analyse and Forecast Asset Performance and the return
    on investment

  • Implement Strategic Asset Value Optimization Model

  • Produce accurate cash flow analysis and reinvestment timing forecast

  • Get prepared to buy or to sell income producing property successfully

  • Area of focus for risk-return preferences and wealth portfolios:

  • Market Analysis, Legal and Socio-political Environment Studies

  • Financial Analysis of Income and Expenses

  • Financial Due-Diligence
    Ratio analysis and Operating Leverage
    Operating Cash Flows (before and after tax)
    Lease Analysis

  • Taxation of real Estate Investment

  • Capital cost Analysis recaptures and capital gains
    Real Estate and Tax Shelter, Optimal Holding Period

  • Return Measurements And Optimization

  • Risk Determination, measurement and analysis
    Discounted Cash Flow Analysis (up to 10 years projection period)
    Property Appreciation and Reversionary Flow
    Strategic real-estate re-investments and diversification planning
    Real Estate Portfolio Analysis and Management


    With our strategically designed plan and assistance, we position you, our client, one step ahead of the competition by determining: whether a potential site will work for a project, whether your project is financially feasible, maximally productive, where the regulatory structure will allow it and if where there is a market for your type of project. We produce comprehensive research reports, impact analysis, and other custom studies designed specifically to your needs. Our mission is to assure that your investment meets and exceeds the anticipated return.


    Area of specialty:

  • Residential condominium projects

  • Residential Housing Development

  • Semi-Commercial Projects

  • Re-development (conversion) to the Highest and Best use

  • Work performed:

  • Complete Market Analysis:

  • Property Location study
    Highest and Best Use Analysis
    Demand Factors and Supply analysis
    Projection of future conditions in the real estate market

  • Site Analysis

  • Physical and vocational characteristics
    Engineering and Design
    Legal and Political constrains

  • Development Strategy

  • Product Mix
    Expected Absorption Rates
    Development and Construction Timing
    Marketing Program

  • Financial Analysis

  • Revenue and cost Forecasts
    Cash Flow returns and reversion over projected time period
    Tax Planning and Ownership Form
    Reserve Fund Studies
    Measures of Profitability and Risk
    Selection criteria
    Sale-leaseback profitability analysis,
    Government Grants and Incentive Program Identification

  • Final Recommendation and conclusions 


    In order to: Stay on top of the latest developments and ahead of the competition as well as make wise and profitable investment and enhanced decision-making choices - you must know the strengths and weaknesses and the opportunities and threats posed by the market. Most specifically you must be well-informed of the environment you operate in. We offer our public and private sector clients with comprehensive up to date reports that are custom-designed to fit their needs. The examples of the modules below could be used as a stand-alone analysis, a combination of several or as an addition to any of our products.

  • Marco-Economic Analysis

  • Micro-Economic Analysis

  • Demographic Studies and Impact Analysis

  • Productivity Analysis

  • Marketability Studies

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Highest and Best Use Analysis

  • Physical Possibility Testing
    Financial Feasibility Testing
    Maximum Productivity Testing
    Legal Permissibility Testing as Improved

  • Industry Benchmark Analysis

  • Competitive Supply Analysis and Forecast

  • Forecast Capture Estimation

  • Supply and Demand Study

  • Market Equilibrium and Residual Analysis

  • Market Delineation Analysis

  • Trends in Market Activity

  • Emerging Products and Technologies

  • Zoning Changes and Proposed Infrastructures


    Combining professional expertise, experience and successful track records, Emperia Group Litigation Support and assessment appeal division is well equipped to provide advice, support and expert testimony in:

  • Real estate disputes

  • Expropriation

  • Rental Disputes

  • Estate Settlements

  • Matrimonial Disputes

  • Title Problems/Encroachments

  • Business/Commercial Litigation

  • Income Tax Issues

  • Class Actions

  • Tax Appeals

  • Payment In Lieu of Taxes

  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency

  • Foreclosures

  • Planning Appeals

  • Negligent Construction

  • Environmental Contamination

  • Damages Claims

  • Insurance/Fire Loss

  • Realty Taxes playing an ultimate role in real estate investment and its asset optimization, we offer our clients wide variety of services focused on:

  • Tax management, filing services, negotiations, tax audits and due diligence as well as assessment appeals.

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